As China’s rhetoric causes increasing tension and concern in the regional and global spheres, pray for great wisdom for diplomatic leaders the world over who interact with the Communist party leaders. Pray too for God’s intervention for more peaceful interactions for the good of all.


Pray for the Karen population being violently run out of their homes in the rural and mountain villages of Myanmar. Pray especially for our Christian brothers and sisters amongst them. Pray for provision, for shelter, for peace. Pray for the international community, especially neighbours Thailand at this time, to be generous and merciful in allowing refuge for the Karen.


As the news continues to show the devastation of the situation in India, pray for aid, medical supplies and vaccines to be delivered effectively where most needed. Pray for those sick and dying, those caring for them, health workers feeling overwhelmed and helpless, and local and national governments trying to make wise decisions in extremely difficult circumstances.

National and local

Pray for those impacted by the housing shortage in the Bendigo region in the instability and stress this is causing.
The homeless and the marginalized – that they may find a secure place to stay and be safe as well as access to the services they need.
Give thanks for the rain that has fallen this week across many parts of Victoria.
Pray for all levels of government to lead with integrity and wisdom, and to use the many resources we have for the good of all people. This week we focus on the state level and pray for Premier Daniel Andrews and our local members –Jacinta Allan & Maree Edwards.
Pray for the health sector and the valuable role they play in our local community.
Pray for brave and drastic reform of Australia’s gambling industry and for help for those addicted and vulnerable.

Church and mission


Pray for us all to be growing in gospel mission, for prayerfulness for the lost and for opportunities to read the Bible with people who don’t know Jesus yet.
Give thanks for the opportunity to be a host church again for the Bendigo Winter Nights Shelter and pray for workers sufficient to be good hosts.
Give thanks and pray for the those who volunteer as office volunteers.
Pray for our ministry team, for health, energy, wisdom, vision and faithfulness in their leadership.
Pray for the different groups in our church, this week the Men’s & Women’s ministry


Pray for George Hemmings in his work with children and youth across the diocese.


Pray for growing mateship and for opportunities to encourage each other in Jesus in the Bloke’s Barn.
Pray for the ministry of Bush Church Aid in rural and remote Australia.

Persecuted Church

Pray Christians in Nigeria can be bold in sharing their faith and pray many receive the gospel. Ask God to provide ways to make a living for his people who have been persecuted for their faith.


Sick and in need

Val Denswoth, Leona Atkinson, Anne Sanderson, Ella James, Brian Allen, Glenda Waddington, Robyn Bullen, Judy & George Thomas, Lorenzo Santalucia and any others known to us.