Church and mission


Pray that we will be a blessing to the communities into which God has planted us.

Pray our church would be a welcoming place as visitors and people new to Bendigo come to join us.

Give thanks and pray for the those who volunteer as small group leaders. 

Pray for the different groups in our church, this week the young adults and teenagers.


Give thanks and pray for Finance and Investments Committee.


Pray for Karen as Chaplain at Girton School and for the students to be open to Jesus and his ways.

Pray for the ministry of Bush Church Aid in rural and remote Australia.

Persecuted Church 

Pakistan: Pray for Christians to preach the gospel with boldness, even in the face of increased opposition.

Pray for new believers to remain strong in their faith in Christ, despite persecution.


United States

Pray for peace, unity and trust to be restored by God’s grace as the new Biden era begins. Pray for wisdom for President Biden as he assembles his team and sets his agenda.


Pray for all those back in COVID lockdown, for resilience and patience, for the health systems under immense stress. Pray too for those sick and recovering, and that the restrictions would be successful in bringing down the numbers of those with the virus. Pray for success and effective rollout of vaccines and for resolve and commitment from wealthy nations to help those poorest nations in this fight.


Having suffered a run of recent tragedies – earthquakes, landslides, floods, and a plane crash, pray for the people of Indonesia in their grief and in their recovery.   

National and local  

Pray for all levels of government to lead with integrity and wisdom, and to use the many resources we have for the good of all people. This week we focus on the state level and pray for the Premier Daniel Andrews and our local members –Jacinta Allan & Maree Edwards.

Pray for Australians stuck overseas and struggling to make it home. Pray too for wisdom for state premiers and chief medical officers as they make decisions about restrictions and weigh competing demands.

Pray for school students and families as school returns this week.

Pray for compassionate change to Australia’s refugee and Asylum Seeker policy, for generosity and love to win over fear and distrust.

Pray for those struggling with poor mental health. Pray that they get the help they need and pray for the services reaching out to them. 


Sick and in need

Ella James, Brian Allen, Glenda Waddington, Robyn Bullen, Judy & George Thomas, Lorenzo Santalucia and any others known to us.

In memoriam

Roger Sanderson, Dorothy Houlden.