Refugees and Displaced Peoples

As Refugee Week comes to a close, pray for the over 100million displaced persons worldwide who are left living in hardship and uncertainty because of conflict, persecution, poverty and climate change. Pray for homes to be welcomed into, for a hope and a future.

Sri Lanka

On the verge of economic collapse, people in Sri Lanka are desperate for medicine, food and fuel. Pray for help to reach those in greatest need. Pray too that people smugglers would be caught before taking advantage of the desperate and vulnerable.


As the Russian invasion continues to cause devastation, pray for those fighting to defend their homes and for those who have been forced to flee. Pray for peace in this nation.

National and local 

Give thanks for this land of wonder and beauty in which we live and pray for wisdom to use our resources sustainably.

Pray for all levels of government to lead with integrity and wisdom, and to use the many resources we have for justice and to bless the world. This week we focus on the state level and pray for the Premier Daniel Andrews and our local members –Jacinta Allan & Maree Edwards.

Pray for civil debate and discussion on immigration and multiculturalism.

Pray for those struggling with rising costs of living.

Pray for those suffering with mental health issues. 

Church and mission


Give thanks for opportunities for each one of us to be witnesses to Jesus in our community and pray for faith and courage to live it out.

Give thanks for our youth and young people and pray for them to grow in their own personal ownership in faith and membership in God’s church

Pray for deepening relationships and spiritual growth through our small group ministries.

Pray for the different groups in our church, this week the 11 am and evening congregations   


Pray for our hospital chaplains.


Pray for university student Christian groups, to be faithful in ministry and to be a place where many young people can try out and learn new ministry skills.

Pray for our workers that their work may be a blessing to their workplaces and promote Jesus’ values by their example.

Persecuted Church

MYANMAR: Pray with the church in Myanmar as they continue to be the light of Christ in their communities. Pray that the Holy Spirit will change the hearts of extremist groups in Myanmar and bring them to know Jesus.


Sick and in need

Marcia Taylor, Margaret Morris, Lynette Holt, Lorna Pitson, Judy & George Thomas, Kathryn Morse, Wes Smith, Matthew Lee, Melissa Nemoto, Anne Sanderson, Brian & Gwenda Allen, Robyn Bullen, Glenda Waddington, and any others known to us.


Barry Scanlo