Pray for those fleeing violence, those trapped by invading troops and those defending their homelands. Pray too for President Zelenskyy and those working towards peace and justice.

Sri Lanka

Facing the worst economic downturn since its independence more than 70 years ago, pray for wise and just leadership in government. Pray for relief for the people from high inflation, power cuts, and food shortages.  Pray too for God’s church and leaders to be a shining light of witness and leadership in the country.


Pray for those at risk of starvation as Somalia suffers through the worst drought of the last decade. Pray this need would be better reported so the needed aid may be secured quickly. Pray for rain.

National and local 

Give thanks for all who volunteer in our community and those who serve and befriend the marginalised.

Pray for all levels of government to lead with integrity and wisdom, and to use the many resources we have for the good of all people. This week we focus on the federal level and pray for the Prime Minister Anthony Albanese and our local member Lisa Chesters as well as all members of federal parliament.

As our population becomes increasingly non-religious and unreached, pray for opportunities for all Christians to show the goodness of God and his ways.

Pray for the many households and businesses recovering from recent floods in NSW.

Pray for our relationship with China given recent tensions and for wisdom for our leaders and diplomats.

Pray for new initiatives in the processing of recycling and reusable materials, for outcomes that care for the environment and take responsibility for our own waste production.


Church and mission


Pray that we will be a blessing to the communities into which God has planted us.

Pray for opportunities for each one of us to be witnesses to Jesus in our community

Give thanks and pray for the those who volunteer as musicians and multimedia operators. 

Pray for the different groups in our church, this week The young adults and teenagers    


Pray for deepening connections between the church and local communities across our diocese


Pray that we would resist slipping into sacred and secular dualism and rather live all our lives in worship to Jesus.

Pray for retired Christians in our community, that they would have growing opportunities to use their time and resources for mission in service and through prayer for Christ’s glory.

Persecuted Church

EGYPT: Pray for unity and for God’s hand to be on the church in Egypt. Pray also for the safety of those leave Islam to follow Jesus.


Sick and in need

Dawn Moncrieff, Marcia Taylor, Margaret Morris, Lynette Holt, Lorna Pitson, Judy & George Thomas, Kathryn Morse, Wes Smith, Matthew Lee, Melissa Nemoto, Anne Sanderson, Brian & Gwenda Allen, Robyn Bullen, Glenda Waddington, and any others known to us.


Allan Brett, Barry Scanlon