Prayer at Home

Church and mission


  • Give thanks for all we’ve learned and been encouraged with through our Philippians series.

  • Pray for deepening relationships and spiritual growth through our small group ministries, even as we meet virtually.

  • Pray for the different groups in our church, this week the 11 am and evening congregations  


  • Ministry Development Officer – Heather Marten


  • Pray for Karen as Chaplain at Girton School and for the students to be open to Jesus.

  • Pray for the ministry of Bush Church Aid in rural and remote Australia.

Persecuted Church

  • Saudi Arabia: Pray for new believers to find encouragement and community with other believers. Pray that Christians continue to have boldness to share the gospel and for the Saudi church to continue to grow.


Climate & Environment

  • Pray for scientists working on innovation and clean energy production; pray for investment into environmental work worldwide; and pray for climate change refugees becoming dispossessed because of rising sea levels.


  • Continue to pray for people suffering and those caring for them, those grieving, serving and leading in this global pandemic. Pray for those working on vaccines and caring for the poorest and most vulnerable. Pray too for God’s help as people struggle with restriction fatigue – pray God would help people to act wisely and thinking of others.


  • Pray for the thousands in Beirut now injured, mourning loved ones, homeless or otherwise impacted by the tragic accidental port explosion.

National and local

  • Pray for all levels of government to lead with integrity and wisdom, and to use the many resources we have for the good of all people. This week we focus on the state level and pray for the Premier Daniel Andrews and our local members –Jacinta Allan & Maree Edwards.

  • Pray for all Victorians entering into another lockdown. Pray that those in danger and in need will be able to access the help and supports they need. Pray too that the lockdown would be effective to lower case numbers and that it would also work to protect a rise in cases in other states.

  • Pray for the education sector and the valuable role they play in our local community. Pray especially for resilience and perseverance amongst the education sector and all students as they tackle remote learning again across Victoria.


Sick and in need

  • Val Casbolt
  • Matthew Wright
  • Kevin Furness
  • Robyn Bullen
  • Campbell McCullough
  • Judy & George Thomas
  • Doug & Lyn Harrison
  • Shiri Synan
  • Lyn Holt
  • Lorenzo Santalucia
  • and any others known to us.