David and Goliath


Last week we saw how Samuel anointed David to be the next King of Israel. God chose David because David had a heart like God’s heart.  Today we are looking at a well-known Bible story – David and Goliath.  David is still young, he isn’t strong, and he doesn’t have experience of fighting in an army, yet God uses David to slay the giant Philistine warrior Goliath.

Read together 1 Samuel 16

  • Read the story from 1 Samuel 16 or ”The young hero and the horrible giant” from the The Jesus Storybook Bible on pages 122-129.

Think about

  1. 1. Who were the Israelites at war with?
  2. What was intimidating about Goliath?
  3. What was David doing when Goliath spoke to the Israelites?
  4. What did King Saul do when David said he wanted to fight?
  5. How did David beat Goliath?
  6. Do you ever feel like you are up against a “Goliath”?
  7. What does the story of David and Goliath tell you when you are up against a “Goliath”?

Wrap up

God sent David to save the people from Goliath and many years later, God sent another hero to fight the greatest battle ever and to save all of us. That hero was Jesus!

Even though Goliath was a GIANT, David trusted God. David knew that God was on his side. We need to trust God like David did.

Pray together

Dear God, Help us to always trust you like David did, Amen.