Samuel anoints David


Over the past few weeks, we have heard how God rescued the Israelites. God rescued them from the Egyptians – from slavery and then helped them cross the Red Sea. God then helped the Israelites defeat the town of Jericho. Today we will meet the first King the Israelites had and then the second King that God chose to lead Israel.

Read together 1 Samuel 16

  • Read the story from 1 Samuel 16 or ”The teeny, weenie…true king” from the The Jesus Storybook Bible on pages 116-121.

Think about

  1. Why did Samuel go looking for a new King?
  2. Where was David when his brothers and Father were with Samuel?
  3. What sort of person did the people want to be their King?
  4. Is this different to the kind of person that God wanted to be King? What was God looking for in the new King?
  5. Why did God choose David as the next King?
  6. God chose David, “the teeny, weenie” boy to be the next King. What are some ways in which God use you to serve Him and help others?

Wrap up

The people wanted a king who looked like a king. They were looking at the outside of the person. God told Samuel what he was looking at the persons heart because he wanted a King to have a heart like God’s.

When David was chosen to be the next King, he was still a young boy.  You are young too and God can also use you to do AMAZING things for Him!

Pray together

Prayer – Dear God, Thank you that Jesus is the one true King.  Help me to have a heart that loves and serves you, Amen.



Make any heart craft and talk about how God looks at our heart not our outward appearance.


Make any sheep craft and tell mum or dad what David did as a shepherd.