Heaven Breaks through


Last week we read that God’s Son, the Light of the World was Born and how he had some visitors who were shepherds.  Today we are looking at some other people who visited baby Jesus. These visitors travelled a long way to visit baby Jesus and they treated him as a King.  Do you know who the visitors were?

Read together

  • Read the story from Matthew 2 or “The King of All Kings” from the The Jesus Storybook Bible on pages 192-199.

Think about

  1. What did John eat and what did he wear?
  2. What was John’s message to the people?
  3. How did some of the people respond to John’s message?
  4. What does repent or repentance mean?
  5. Why did John call Jesus the ‘Lamb of God’?
  6. Is there any sin in your life that you need to repent to God and say Sorry for?

Wrap up

In Exodus 12, we read how God rescued his people when they took their best lamb, they killed it and put some of its blood on their front door. Today we are reminded at Jesus Baptism, that Jesus is the great rescuer who has come to save us from our sins as Jesus died in our place to rescue us.


Thank you, God, that because of Jesus you forgive us for all our sins. Amen.”



Create a LOCUST, using LEGO, craft items, or paint/draw a locust that you can show at our ZOOM meeting before Family Church next Sunday – 16th August, 2020