Sermon Downloads

  • 1 Samuel

    This is no dry history book but rather a deep and rich excursion into the lives of well know Biblical stories. It is in and through these stories that God brings about his good purposes for Israel and for all the world.
  • God At Work

    Too often work is seen as either a 'necessary evil' or part of the curse. Yet nothing could be further from the truth because it is a gift from God. It is also an opportunity to participate in the Lord’s creative and redemptive work in this world while even being a mission field for living out ones faith and in so doing worshipping the Lord.
  • John's Gospel

    ‘Few books of the Bible have influenced the life and thoughts of Christendom as has the fourth gospel….Here Christians have discovered a portrait of Christ that has been deeply satisfying.’ Gary M. Burge Evangelical Commentary on the Bible.
  • Jesus The Game Changer

    So much of what is normal to us - what we might consider simply to be the 'air we breathe' was radical in its time. It was the influence of Jesus and people of faith who changed the game in so many areas. Areas such as 'forgiveness', 'equality', 'democracy', 'leadership', 'education' and so much more.
  • Amos

    A shepherd who had some tough things to say to God's people - both in the Old Testament and to us today. Although he is known as a Minor Prophet - the message of Amos is far from being insignificant.
  • Upside Down Kingdom

    Jesus clearly preached the Kingdom of God - but it wasn't always what was expected. In many ways it was "Upside Down". A Kingdom where the last shall be first. Throughout the Gospel of Luke we explore the revelations of this "Upside Down Kingdom."
  • Women and Jesus

    During Jesus' ministry there were a significant number of women who followed him, ministered in his name and were ministered to. In this series we explore some of those women and what it says to us today.
  • Philemon

    Paul's short and very personal letter to Philemon. Still a challenge to God's people today.
  • Reformation

    In this 500th Anniversary Year of Martin Luther's provocative act of nailing 95 thesis to the Wittenburg church door - we explore and celebrate where we have come from.
  • Titus

    Paul's charge to Titus to "straighten out was left unfinished" can assist with our own "unfinished business" of living as disciple of Jesus - redeemed, purified and eager to do what is good (Titus 2:14)
  • For the Life of the World

    Why are we here? Is our salvation only for "entrance into heaven?" Is it possible we are like exiles in a foreign land? This Lenten sermon series follows the video series titled "For The Life of the World - Letters to the Exiles."
  • Lamentations

    A sorry tale? Yes, yes it is. But a tale of hope that even in the depths God is faithful.
  • God's Big Story

    The Bible is not a series of unrelated stories - but ultimately one big story - God's Big Story! This sermon series touches down in major parts of the story of God's salvation plan so that we can better understand the context of the different books of the Bible.
  • Seven Signs in John

    John in his gospel gives us at least seven signs of who Jesus is and what he brings.
  • Jude

    A short book with great encouragement and warning to us today.
  • Nehemiah

    It's more than a '2,500 year old building program'. It's a book about God's honour that has lessons for us today.
  • Romans 8

    In the middle of one of Paul's greatest letters is one chapter - one chapter that is 'jam packed' with wonderful theological truths.
  • James

    “Do not merely listen to the word,…Do what it says” (James 1:22) It is all about Faith + Action.  The apostle James is adamant that as followers of Jesus we need to not only claim to be Christians but also live like one.
  • Parables

    Too often thought to be 'Earthy Stories with a Heavenly Meaning.' However, they are often not as 'safe' as they first might appear.
  • The Minor Prophets

    They may appear to be a collection of small, often over-looked books at the end of the Old Testament - but they are a rich combination of encouragement, rebuke and hope.
  • Prayer

    “Prayer is the personal, communicative response to the knowledge of God” (Keller, Prayer: Experiencing Awe and Intimacy with God). In other words, “God has spoken. Prayer is our answering” (paraphrasing Eugene Peterson). This sermon series is designed to help us to put that into practice.
  • The Risen Jesus

    The Resurrection of Jesus is not just a "one day" event that came "out of the blue." We explore how the promised "Risen Jesus" continues to bring life to all who would follow him - now and forever.
  • Colossians

    A church that the Apostle Paul may never have actually visited - but still a church of believers that Paul had great affection for and wonderful words of encouragement.
  • Exodus

    The Exodus Story is the great Old Testament story of God's Salvation for his people. It not only provides many points of comparison to our salvation story through Jesus but also a number of lessons for us to learn - lessons on what God requires of his people when he calls them into new directions and plans.
  • CMS Weekend

    Every Autumn at Holy Trinity we host the CMS (Church Missionary Society) weekend. Each year there is a high quality speaker helping us to focus on God's and our mission in this world.
  • Ecclesiastes

    Meaningless! Meaningless! All is meaningless! Is it? Is there something "under the sun" that has meaning? This great piece of wisdom literature is as challenging and practical now as it was when it was written.
  • 1 & 2 Peter

    Do you believe in aliens? In 1 & 2 Peter we see a letter to "aliens" -  that is Christians in this world who are strangers and foreigners - and Peter's encouragement to be God's people in a world that is not their home.
  • Job

    Job is a great book and a tough book! Job is an inspiring book and a challenging book! A chance to explore suffering, trials and God's greatness!
  • 1-3 John

    The apostle John writes to 3 different groups - a struggling church - to a 'chosen lady' - and to Gaius. All three recipients are struggling with difficult issues - false teaching, conflicts, splits and how to welcome those who come in the name of the Lord. All three letters of John are a timely reminder for the modern church of the need to remain in fellowship with Jesus and each other.
  • Things We All Struggle With

    We all struggle - that is part of living in a fallen world. But what does God have to say about some of the things we struggle with?
  • Money

    Money Money Money

    It wasn't just ABBA that had a lot to say about - so did Jesus!
  • Holy Spirit - The Person & The Power

    "The Church desperately needs the power of her Lord and the energy and activity of the Holy Spirit." (Sam Storm)
  • Matthew

    A sermon series going through the whole Gospel of Matthew
  • Environment & Christianity

    We live in an age of being very aware of environmental management. There is often tension between conservation on one hand and social and business expansion on the other. What is acceptable and what is necessary? Have we ever stopped to ask what God says about Environmental Management? Does the Bible even contribute to the debate?
  • Hebrews

    In summarising the book of Hebrews ~ you could simply say - "Jesus ~ the Superior One."
  • Special Event

    The following are a series of sermons, talks and seminars held at different times at Holy Trinity Bendigo.
  • Miscellaneous

    Miscellaneous sermons preached at various times in the parish
  • Paul's Prayers

    At the beginning of many of the apostle Paul's letters we get an education on how to pray biblical prayers that engage the whole Christian life. The prayers are deep, challenging and practical.
  • Pentecost

    ‘In the last days, God says, I will pour out my Spirit on all people.'
  • Easter

    "The angel said...'Why do you look for the living among the dead? He is not here; he has risen!'"
  • Christmas

    "...I bring you good news that will cause great joy for all the people. Today in the town of David a Saviour has been born to you; he is the Messiah, the Lord"
  • Psalms

    Each Summer we look at the "original hymn book" and see what these timeless songs have to say to us as we begin each new year.
  • Isaiah

    A whistle stop tour through one of the great prophets of the Old Testament.
  • Covenant

    God is a God who keep His promises !
  • Church

    Church... What? Why? Who? Where? How?
  • John's Gospel - Tough Teaching

    In the middle chapters of John's Gospel (6-11)  Jesus pushes his listeners with some "Tough Teaching."
  • John's Gospel - New Stuff

    In the early chapters of John's Gospel (1-5)  Jesus keeps his listeners on their toes with a lot of "New Stuff."
  • Advent

    At Christmas we think about the first coming of Jesus. But are we ready for the second coming? That is what Advent is all about!
  • Godly Attitudes

    "You better watch your attitude!" Maybe you have been told that. The bible tells us the same - encouraging us to imitate God as his dearly loved children.
  • Joshua

    Certainly not a book for the faint hearted. A book with big battles, big mistakes and a big God who keeps his big promises!
  • Mark's Gospel

    Although the shortest of the gospels; Mark is still "jam packed" and "action filled" with one central message... It's all about Jesus!