Being a Christian is about more than ‘going to church’. It’s actually about worshipping God, showing in our lives that He is the most important thing.
The great thing about worship is Christians do it anywhere, anytime – even through our work, art and culture.

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Faith and Work

Connecting what you do at work with God’s plan for the world.

This workshop will provide biblical underpinning for why we work as Christians, in both paid and unpaid work. It will cover work’s joys, its pressures, and its contradictions, in light of God’s original creation work and the work of Jesus on the cross.

Keynote Speaker: Andrew Laird, City Bible Forum
Panelists: Cr. Dave Fagg, Gaelle Broad, Sarah Hemmings and Terry Hunter.

Cost: Free!
(Online RSVP required)

Date: Sunday 30 May 2021
Time: 4:00pm – 5:30pm
Location: Holy Trinity Church, 14 Keck Street, Flora Hill, Bendigo

The session will be followed by an opportunity to speak with workshop speakers and participants over tea and coffee.

This event is part of a series, hosted by Holy Trinity, to equip Christians who want to see Bendigo flourish.