Changes due to COVID-19

The changes continue to come as we adjust ourselves in this time of coronavirus. There are more changes this week in line with the closure of worship spaces. We will continue to keep you updated as we are able.

Our current response to the COVID-19 virus requirements

  1. Public services have paused.
  2. Funerals may go ahead while adhering to the government’s restrictions of only a total of 10 people in attendance. Also only immediate family can be present.
  3. Face to face ministry to children and youth is paused.
  4. There will be no formal face to face times of gathering at the church or of church groups during this time.

Online services

We will be providing two services online, a 9:00 (traditional) Service and a 11:00 (family) Service this will be available initially via our website home page. If you need help in learning how to access this, help is available. Please call any of the ministry team.

Keeping connected

We have already enacted 20 trusted people to be calling those over 80 and others within the parish to ensure that they stay connected and well supported.

We will enable further teams to be interacting by electronic/email for those in our congregations who are more tech Savvy.

We will also be seeking everyone’s permission/willingness to be on a contact list within the individual services you attend, so that people might be able to make contact with each other better. Of course no one has to participate in this if you would prefer not.
In our initial response we are thinking of how we can best keep our communities connected and safe, very quickly we will move to how we can safely and effectively help those who become in need for all sorts of reasons over this time.


For those who normally tithe via the plates and have been asking about how to do this during this time, we encourage you if able to set up automated debits either online or directly through your bank. Account details: South East Bendigo BSB: 633-000  Account: 12-078-0267. Please chat to the ministry team if you would like to discuss other avenues.

Encourage one another

As always, should you need encouragement or support please remember you are always welcome to call the ministry team who will happily talk and pray with you, and where appropriate arrange a pastoral visit.