The cost of our freedom…
Lest we forget!

The freedom that we live in day to day was won for us at an enormous cost. The men and women serving on the front lines to protect our sovereignty, as well as the many others who poured themselves out to ensure there was a home to return to – these folks paid the price of the freedom we enjoy today. And it wasn’t cheap. It took both tragic and astonishing sacrifice.

Tragic for war never produces any winners; it only ever steals and destroys. Tragic too for the reality that our sin-soaked relationships lead all the way to full-blooded war. And tragic for the cost in lives lost, and individuals, families, and communities wounded and traumatised by the battle. The sacrifice of war is always tragic.

Yet it is also astonishing. Astonishing for the selflessness of those who have sacrificed; astonishing for the generosity of those who have given themselves for the good of others; astonishing that they would go to the frontlines of war so that we might live in peace.

There is something in the sombre reminder of the sacrifice of the ANZACs and all who have fought for us that should also lead us also to ponder anew the depths of God’s sacrifice for us. For at the very heart of our faith stands the cross, that grotesque instrument of execution and yet simultaneously that stark reminder that our God is no stranger to sacrifice. He was not compelled to act for us: he could have justifiably left us to our sin and path we had chosen. Yet instead, he entered into our suffering, right to the very depths, that through the death of the Righteous One the unrighteous could be redeemed.

What a tragedy – that the price of our rebellion was God’s own Son. How astonishing that in his great love, God himself would pay the penalty that restored us to peace. Truly, in every sense, the freedom we enjoy today has come to us at an enormous cost, for while we were still sinners, Christ died for us! O what costly love has been lavished on us that we should be called children of God!

Both as citizens of Australia and citizens of God’s kingdom, we must never forget the cost of our freedom. We must never forget the blood spilled in sacrifice that we might live in peace. And we must honour their sacrifice by following their example even when it costs us.

This is our call most particularly as Christians, for we live in the blessing of the greatest sacrifice of them all! And as our Redeemer holds our future safe, we are freed to follow him boldly, taking up our cross and living out the gospel of peace.

Lest we forget.

Karen Reid
Associate Minister

This Sunday

We will be following the lectionary readings for the next preaching series. Trev will preach at the 8am and 9:15am services and and our special guest, Andy Ellis at the 11am and 5pm services.

Bible readings

Micah 4:1-5 and John 10:1-11

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We had a great time!

We had a wonderful time at the annual bonfire and lunch get together last Sunday. About 70 people came. Everyone enjoyed saying hello to the animals, riding on the tractor and in the vintage car, standing near the bonfire, and generally chatting and sharing time. Thank you so much to Ruth and David for hosting us and for opening up your lovely corner of the earth to us all!

Trinity Ladies are back

Come and join Trinity Ladies for our first meeting in over a year! Thursday 6th May at the church, starting at 2pm. Barbara Watson will demonstrate and talk about flower arranging. For more details contact Ruth Paynter 0438431263 or Bev Arnold 0439308754.

Andy Ellis visiting

Our new Family and Children’s minister appointee, Andy Ellis, along with his wife Mary Ann and their kids will be visiting us this Sunday. Andy will be preaching at the 11am and 5pm services . Plan to come and meet Andy and his family.

Blokes Barn

This next Monday 26th April at 9:30am. Brian Stanmore will be talking to the men about waste management and disposal.

Men’s Breakfast

The next Strathfieldsaye men’s breakfast will be on Saturday 1st May at 7.30am at the Strathfieldsaye Community Church. A mini BBQ with tea and coffee will be served. Our mate Rob Edwards will be the speaker. All men are welcome.

Bendigo Winter Night Shelter

We are looking for a Venue coordinator for our church for this winter’s BWNS, if you think you might be able to help out in this role, please contact Trev.

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Billy Graham

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Martin Luther King, Jr.

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C. S. Lewis

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